Citizens Taking Action to Protect the Great Lakes

The Straits of Mackinac Alliance is a group of citizens in northern Michigan, most with lakefront property on the Straits. The Mackinac Straits shorelines will be oiled when the 71-year-old Enbridge Line 5 pipelines rupture. Armed with carefully researched facts proving that Line 5 is not needed but rather is an imminent threat to our properties, our communities and the Great Lakes as a whole. Our mission is to educate and to advocate for state and federal agencies to meet their obligations to protect us from harm. We are here to protect our greatest natural resource – to protect all that is Pure Great Lakes.

Free Webinars:


Integrity of the Straits Crossing
With Roger Gauthier and Dr. Edward Timm, PE

Originally broadcast October 12, 2020


The Tunnel Myth

With Patty Peek and Gary Street, PE
Moderator: Jennifer McKay

Originally broadcast October 21, 2020


Legal Challenges and Agency Actions

With retired Judge Bill Crane, Leonard Page,
and Patty Peek
Moderator: Liz Kirkwood

Originally broadcast October 30, 2020

We Need Your Support

ONE DAY MORE IS ONE DAY TOO LONG! In other words, the risk of a catastrophic event exists each and every day that Line 5 is allowed to operate.

Line 5 is an aged-out, damaged, nearly 70 year old dual pipeline placed within a hostile environment of erratic currents. It will run oil product during tunnel permitting and legal delays, during years and years of construction and construction delays. We cannot wait that long.

It must be shut down now, not years from now. SMA needs YOUR HELP to continue our efforts to educate the public and advocate for the shutdown of this unacceptable danger in the waters of the Straits of Mackinac. Please donate today, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up with current events.