Citizens Are Taking Legal Action to Protect the Great Lakes

The Straits of Mackinac Alliance is a group of citizens who live in the potential impact zone from an Enbridge Line 5 oil spill or natural gas liquids explosion. Line 5 is a 66-year old damaged pipeline that is now more than 50% elevated off the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac. The pipeline is a shortcut for millions of gallons of Canadian oil products each day that crosses the heart of the Great Lakes.

Recent modifications to the line have never been independently or impartially assessed for its current engineering integrity. The State of Michigan has allowed Enbridge to continue its risky operations that could cost all of us more than $6 billion in losses. We are engaged in legal actions to that the State is accountable to its own laws. We are demanding that the State shut down Enbridge Line 5 immediately!

Please join us for these free webinars:


Integrity of the Straits Crossing
With Roger Gauthier and Dr. Edward Timm, PE

Originally broadcast October 12, 2020


The Tunnel Myth

With Patty Peek and Gary Street, PE
Moderator: Jennifer McKay

Originally broadcast October 21, 2020


Legal Challenges and Agency Actions

With retired Judge Bill Crane, Leonard Page,
and Patty Peek
Moderator: Liz Kirkwood

Originally broadcast October 30, 2020

We Need Your Support

Citizens of the Straits of Mackinac Alliance are challenging the State of Michigan’s recent decision to allow Enbridge to install more screw anchor supports on Line 5 without doing a full review of the engineering risks and viable alternatives.

We are continuing to engage the State in legal actions to force them to do what is right and shut down Line 5.

Funding is needed for attorney fees and expert witness fees involved in these actions. Enbridge has virtually unlimited resources. We greatly appreciate your support!

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